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Gender Spectrum – Parenting Resources
A comprehensive collection of research, resources, and stories to help any parent, family member, or guardian learn more about gender diversity.
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PFLAG Publication – Our Children: Questions and Answers for Families of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Gender-expansive, and Queer Youth and Adults
An update to the perennial favorite PFLAG publication, Our Daughters and Sons, Our Children offers a fresh eye for families and others about what to do when a loved ones comes out. Full of useful knowledge, helpful tips, expert opinions and first-person stories, Our Children – which has a focus on sexual orientation and gender expression – is a must read for anyone looking to learn more about how to support LGBTQ loved ones…or looking for support for themselves. (Spanish translated publication of Our Daughters and Sons)

PFLAG Publication – Our Trans Loved Ones: Questions and Answers for Parents, Families, and Friends of People Who are Transgender and Gender Expansive
Our Trans Loved Ones is a brand-new, updated resource. Written by PFLAG staff members, and created with the help of content experts, reviewers, and PFLAGers with experience to share, it is full of information, first-person stories, and expert input geared to those who have a loved one who has come out as trans or gender expansive. (Spanish translated publication)

My Kid is Gay
A first-of-its-kind digital presence, inclusive of videos, advice, and resources, dedicated exclusively toward helping parents understand their LGBTQIA children.

Out Proud Families
Resources, information, perspectives and connections for supporting families, caregivers and other important people in the lives of children and youth of diverse gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations.

Family Acceptance Project
This project focuses its efforts on how a supportive family can greatly decrease the risks for LGBTQ youth. It conducts research, education, and policy initiatives, and offers intervention and counseling.

Raising My Rainbow
Blog (and book) by Lori Duron about her family’s adventures raising a gender non-conforming son.

The Gender Book
An online book that explains gender in an inclusive and comprehensive way; accessible for any age.

Transgender Children & Youth: Understanding the Basics
A downloadable list of definitions for terminology relating to LGBTQ+ identities, sexualities, and genders.

Camp Aranu’tiq
Founded in 2009, Camp Aranu’tiq is a fun and safe summer camp for transgender and gender-variant youth who want to be around kids like them. In addition to summer camps, Camp Aranu’tiq offers weekend family get-aways and leadership programs for teens.


How to Teach Your Kids About Gender by Planned Parenthood
Navigate tricky conversations about gender roles and gender stereotypes, and help your child develop the confidence to be him or herself.

How to Know If Your Kid is Transgender by Planned Parenthood
Do you think your son or daughter may be transgender? Learn how to listen to your child, be there for them, and show them that they are loved.

How to Talk to Preschoolers About Anatomy & Body Safety by Planned Parenthood
Talk to your kids about anatomy. Explaining private parts and inappropriate touching to your preschooler promotes body safety and self-confidence.

Queer Kid Stuff
An educational YouTube series that explains LGBTQIA identities and issues to young children and their parents.